Performing original songs and covers by Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, The Band, Otis Redding, Lucas Nelson, Doc Watson, Kacey Musgraves, Fats Domino, John Prine, Chris Stapleton, Gillian Welch and many more!


ADAM BROOKS is a performing songwriter, guitarist and independent recording artist with over 25 years of experience in DIY touring and record production. Whether singing songs with just a guitar or turning up the volume with his hard-hitting, jam-friendly rock’n’roll band, his passion for gritty, blues-infused music is always on display. Often merging folk, alt-country, blues and psychedelic-rock with heartfelt lyrics and contagious grooves, his performances electrify listeners from the stage and studio.

From his Midwestern upbringing and musical dawning in Ohio to songwriting and performing adventures in Nashville, his music has taken him to legendary venues across the United States and as far as music festivals in China. He’s produced 7 independent albums and is currently preparing to record again for an upcoming 2021 release. Adam Brooks moved to central NY in 2015. He currently teaches Folk Guitar at Hamilton College while continuing to write, record new material and perform frequently throughout the area.

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