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This ensemble of world-class musicians met in Shanghai, China in the Spring of 2012 for a 10-day run of consecutive performances and studio sessions organized by Adam Brooks Dudding and Tom Peng (Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, CN).

The ensemble also featured Charles Butler (Nashville, TN), Shun Hu (acclaimed electric bassist – Shanghai, CN), Hanneke Cassel (Boston, MA), Jasmine Chen (internationally acclaimed Jazz vocalist, lyricist – Shanghai, CN) and later Geoff Henderson (acclaimed bassist – Nashville, TN) who added upright bass to Charles Butler’s song “In The Moment”, the title track of the group’s debut recording.

In The Moment was recorded in Shanghai, China then mixed and mastered in Nashville, TN, USA at J-Studio by Kai Welch and Erick Jaskowiak. This collection of 11 songs offers elements and combinations of American art-forms like bluegrass, country, blues and jazz along with Chinese folk and pop songs including a fine example of Mongolian throat-singing.

PRI's story on Tom Pang

PRI’s story on Tom Pang

The Shanghai Newgrass Project - JZ Festival 2012 - Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Newgrass Project – JZ Festival 2012 – Shanghai, China


Shanghai Daily Feature – August 1, 2013

Shanghai Daily _ 上海日报 -- English Window to China News1

Live from Studio A:  Tom Pang & Adam Brooks Dudding - WCBE 90.5 Columbus, OHLive from Studio A: The Shanghai Newgrass Project co-founders — Tom Pang, Adam Brooks Dudding — Recorded live on June 30, 2014 at WCBE 90.5 FM in Columbus, Ohio, USA

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