The Relentless Mules and A.B.D. team up to record with Grammy nominated, award-winning engineer and producer.

3 Jun

The Relentless Mules
Mules liveThe Relentless Mules

Erick J w/ Della MaeErick Jaskowiak (w/ Della Mae)

Whirled Werks Music is excited to announce a collaboration that’s been brewing for almost a year, finally coming to fruition. The Relentless Mules are at the top of Columbus, Ohio’s bluegrass mountain for good reason and it didn’t take long for Adam Brooks Dudding to notice the young band’s superb skills and dynamic approach to the artform. With a new crop of bluegrass flavored originals and a 3 day recording session booked with Erick Jaskowiak at his Nashville studio later this month, Adam and WWM can hardly wait to hear what will emerge. Stay tuned for more updates as this new recording and performing collaboration continues to take shape!

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