Jon Pardi (CMA’s New Artist of 2017) one of 3 co-writers for The Ramblin’ BROOKS tune “The Loveless Express”

12 Nov

Back when Adam BROOKS Dudding was living and working in Nashville, TN, he had the unique opportunity to write material with notable practitioners of songs on and off Music Row. One of those early writing sessions took place at Brooks’ attic apartment (aka The Treehouse) in the Belmont/Hillsboro area of town and included new friends and co-writers Leith Loftin and Jon Pardi. At the end of the session the fellas ended up with two verses of an upbeat heartbreak/train-song. For years Brooks’ used the “incomplete” song as a standard warm-up at gigs with his touring Americana band Bucktown Kickabck and recently recorded a newer version of it in December 2016 during the recording sessions for The Ramblin’ BROOKS debut EP. Now you can you can be among the first to hear “The Lovesless Express (Me and My Broken Heart)” a song written in Nashville by Adam BROOKS Dudding, Leith Loftin and Jon Pardi and recorded at SubCat Studios in Syracuse, NY by The Ramblin’BROOKS. Enjoy!

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