Western Woods releases Curl…and…Flip featuring Bucktown Kickback founders/producers

8 Dec

Jamie Goodman, Adam Brooks Dudding and David Blankestyn met while attending Bowling Green State University in NW Ohio in the mid-nineties, forming their musical friendship and likely, the beginnings of the Americana band Bucktown Kickback. Now hear them perform together – along with heavy-hitters Jonathan Donaldson and Scott Hunt – on the Jamie Goodman fronted project Western Woods and the new release Curl…and..Flip, a remarkably poinant and inspired walk down memory lane for the folks here at Whirled Werks Music.

Proud to finally release this album. Despite having sat on it for a number of years, it’s now back from mastering and ready to share. This record is dedicated in loving memory of Dave. You are sorely missed and never forgotten.” – Jamie Goodman (Western Woods)

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