DOUBLE ALBUM on the horizon for Adam Brooks including pre-order opportunities for fans with stellar, exclusive rewards!

25 May

Hello Friends,
I’m thrilled to announce that in just two short weeks I’ll finally be back in the studio recording a collection of music I’ve been dying to share with so many of you for so long now (originally planned for 2020). With an amazing engineer at the helm and an astonishingly talented band at the ready, we’re planning to record basic tracks for some twenty songs or more – a double album worth of originals including four instrumentals – over the span of four days in early June. This “concept album” has been years in the making and is going to be a blast to record, produce, and release out into the world. And for those who enjoy the opportunity to get more intimately involved with a project like this during the production, be on the look out for some awesome pre-order opportunities from Whirled Werks Music with stellar, exclusive rewards. I’m looking forward to keeping you posted on our progress so stay tuned and thanks, as always, for your support!
Much Love,
Adam Brooks

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